COVID-19 Deep Cleaning & Decontamination

In the fight against coronavirus, as well as other infectious diseases that can threaten our workplaces and communal areas, you will need infection prevention deep cleaning experts that can understand what is required to decontaminate your areas to ensure safety for your colleagues, staff, pupils, customers or general public who often visit your premises.

SWS can offer you an enhanced deep cleaning service either as part of an ongoing cleaning contract or as a one-off cleaning service. As a result of the recent coronavirus outbreak, we are advising all our customers, whether you be offices, schools, factories or leisure centres to carry out a deep cleaning and disinfecting of their facilities from COVID-19, as well as any other general germs which can often be found in all workplaces. It is important to find toxic waste solutions in order to completely rid your workplace of any hazardous waste and any potentially harmful waste in the environment.

– 24 Hours Deep Cleaning Service

– School Deep Cleaning Service

– Office Deep Cleaning Service

– Bespoke Deep Cleaning Packages Available

– Full CDC Compliant

How we can help?

SWS have partnered with key organisations across the UK who have the latest cleaning technologies to ensure we are able to deliver cleaning and decontamination services to the highest level and at the quickest speed. We also pride ourselves on being at the forefront of any viral outbreaks, such as the recent Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, and see it as our duty to help contain it and ultimately save lives. We can help my providing toxic waste solutions, confidential waste solutions, construction waste solutions or healthcare waste solutions.

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