Site Waste Management Plans (SWMPs)

Site Waste Management Plans (SWMPs) are a legal requirement for all construction projects. An SWMP ensures that as a responsible waste producer, you are at all times, fully aware of an audit trail of your waste, from point of production to the final point of disposal/recycling. It is also part of the SWMP that you use fully compliant Waste Management operators and processors.

  • Are all licences in place for the transportation and treatment of all waste produced?
  • Have all options to segregate waste on site been explored? Are you aware of the exact treatment/process of your waste?
  • All waste volumes and weight (per waste stream) needs to be recorded.
  • Awareness of exact figures of how the waste dealt with and percentages of recycling achieved.

Sommers Waste Solutions help your business construct robust SWMP’s and provide you with all Waste Management information in the way of detailed Waste Management reports.

Opened big green plastic trash can with full trash bags.

On-Line Reporting

Sommers Waste Solutions are able to provide bespoke online reporting to capture all waste/recycling levels for easy access through our website. This is usually updated on a monthly basis to enable clients to keep a regular eye on their business’s environmental performance in relation to Waste Management.

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