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From January 2023 all commercial outlets producing food are required to have a food waste collection service in place as part of legislation introduced by the British government.

Therefore, SWS are launching a new membership initiative called “EAT GREEN” encouraging all food producers to introduce a food waste recycling scheme within their organisation. By becoming an exclusive member of ‘Eat Green’ you will receive key information to promote to your clients what your company is doing as well as useful data allowing you to see how much food waste has been diverted from landfill as a result of joining Eat Green.

Up to 10% of global greenhouse gases come from food that is produced, but not eaten.

Food Waste Recycling to Become Mandatory – Are You Ready?

Working closely with the country’s leading investors and operators of Anaerobic Digestion or similar technologies, Sommers Waste Solutions are able to offer customers a service of linking food waste collections to processes that can convert food waste into renewable energy. We are able to offer a tailored food collection service throughout the UK.

Our independent, nationwide network means that we can provide you with a cost effective, efficient & professional food waste service to fit around the need to your organisation.

Almost half of all fruit and vegetables produced are wasted (that’s 3.7 trillion apples).

Reducing Wasted Food At Home

Benefits of joining Eat Green

Decomposting food
  • A quick, reliable and professional food waste recycling service
  • SWS Certification highlighting you are a Eat Green member and recycle your food waste
  • Regular information of food waste being diverted from landfill
  • A window sticker informing your customers, clients and visitors that you are official Eat Green members

Food rotting in landfill releases methane  – 29x stronger than carbon dioxide.

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Sommers Waste Solutions (SWS) have for over a decade managed National Food Waste solutions and have identified the emerging opportunities and challenges in connecting FOG into the food waste stream.  It will not simply be a waste service contract; customers will require high levels of coordination, guidance, and management to efficiently match FOG availability to the correct logistics and facilities for treatment.

SWS are in the business of waste management and have for over a decade been working closely with the country’s leading investors and operators of Anaerobic Digestion, offering bespoke food collection services throughout the UK.

SWS recognise the emerging opportunities and challenges when considering the best procurement and environmental options for FOG, UCO and food waste streams; SWS are developing new management systems with high levels of coordination to match FOG availability to the right logistics and facilities for value recovery.

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2,808,250 tonnes of food waste has already been sent to landfill by the UK this year. Help it stop.

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