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General Waste

A fully Consolidated approach to Waste Management.

By utilising Sommers Waste Solutions established supply base across the UK, business’s from any sector can benefit from a fully consolidated approach to the management of their waste.

We can provide a full range of containers to suit each business’s specific waste production. ranging from skips and larger containers to wheelie bins. We ensure a reliable and prompt collection service with an added element of complete flexibility to adjust services dependant on seasonal fluctuations or changes within your organistaion.

All Legal paperwork such as Duty Of Care will be handled by us, on your behalf, ensuring that you can concentrate on your core activities.


Solutions that grow with you, Providing on-going Analysis and Improvement

Demanding environmental legislation and greater public and employee awareness of environmental issues mean that waste management has to be taken seriously.

All businesses are under a legal obligation to manage the storage, collection and disposal/treatment of their waste properly. The tightening of legislation has greatly increased pressure on companies.

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