Sommers Waste Solutions are committed to sustainability, and that commitment extends to our website hosting. Our website is hosted by local Luton company,, who offer 100% renewable hosting. This means that the servers that power the SWS website are powered by renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power.

In addition to using renewable energy, Silvertoad is also taking part in an initiative, planting more and more trees as their customer base grows. This helps to offset carbon emissions. SWS are proud to do our part by choosing a Green Web Hosting Provider, as this small but important step helps towards reducing our environmental impact.

Silvertoad’s 100% renewable hosting is also UK based, meaning that the SWS website is hosted on servers located locally, and this helps to reduce the distance that data has to travel, which can also help to reduce the environmental impact of the website.

Sommers Waste Solutions are proud to partner with Silvertoad, to provide customers with a sustainable and environmentally friendly website experience.